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Signed, Sealed, Delivered? The Rumors Keep Flying

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The word of the day is: signed. That, at least, is what Hint Mag claims Riccardo Tisci has done on Dior’s dotted line. This has been a week full of rumors, and as far as we’re concerned, it ain’t over till Bernard Arnault sings. But that’s never stopped rumors from flying before… [;Hint]

Is Paris starting to seem a little…American? The Times notices that U.S.-based designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors are getting footholds—and retail addresses—in the City of Light like never before, which, some sniff, attests to the “ongoing casualization” of fashion. Sacre bleu! [;NYT]

But Paris wasn’t uniformly friendly to all Americans. Just ask Kanye West: Apparently he (gasp!) wasn’t accommodated when he turned up at the Balmain show. [NY Post]

PETA, the anti-fur group once known for its paint-throwing, runway-disrupting antics, is trying a new tack to make its point these days: parties. See also: Flies, caught with honey vs. vinegar. (Though what PETA’s stand on honey production is, we’re not sure.) [WSJ]

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