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NY Fashion Week 2011: Latin Designers

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Every February and September we New Yorkers are actually excited to go to work. We anticipate opening our inbox and we stalk the mail room dude. It’s not because we’re looking for Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s Day cards (or, God forbid, work-related documents!). Rather we’re praying for Fashion Week invites. It’s during these two months that New York becomes the Fashion mecca and allows us to be a part of it.

Receiving an invite to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is like a tangible piece of magic—a golden ticket to happiness. You might think that’s a bit over the top but consider this: Fashion Week is the one time when you can see art strutting before you, when you make an extra effort to look good, when you’re among other fashion lovers just like you, and when you get free goodies to your heart’s desire.

This Fall 2011 season we’re excited to see so many shows—we’ve already RSVP’d to too many and sadly, we probably won’t have time to do it all. But there are some that we’d never miss and by that we mean we wouldn’t pass up the chance to support Latino designers who always make a splash with their particular brand of style. And if they’re not making news with the clothes, they’re definitely causing a scene with their famous front row seaters and their flamboyant shows that, at times, can seem like Broadway productions.

Here’s your complete 101 to Latino fashion designers showing this season. Take notes!


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